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� � For the purposes of this book, there are three parts to connecting wwith other people: meeting, establishing rapport and communicating. These three parts happen quickly and tend to overlap and blend into each other. Our goal is to make them as natural, fluid and easy as possible, andabove all to make them enjoyable and rewarding. Everybody from the department manager level on up can choose an item of merchandise they want topromotewith big displays or whateverand then we see whose item produces the highest volume. I'vealways thought of the VPI contest not just as a way to stimulate sales, but as a method of teaching ourassociates how to become better merchants, to show them what can be done by picking an item that'savailable and figuring out a creative way to sell it, or buy it, or both. It gives them the opportunity to actthe way we used to in the early days. They can do crazy things, like pick an item and hang it all over atree filled with stuffed monkeys in the middle of the store. Or drive a pickup truck into action alley and fillit with car-washing sponges. 鈥楤etter,鈥?he said, 鈥榖etter already. Poor parson has been lonely without his dear kind Helper. But now he鈥檚 got her again.鈥? You'll discover how your body language appeals tosome but not others and how, by making a few adjustmentsto your own movements, you can positively affectthe way people feel about you. HEZYO高清 一本道 综合,一本道不卡中中文无码,天堂AV欧美AV高清无码不卡在线 � � � "Walton," Blake would say to me when he came toDes Moines, "I'd fire you if you weren't such a goodsalesman. Maybe you're just not cut out for retail."Fortunately, I found a champion in my store manager, Duncan Majors, a great motivator, who wasproudest of having trained more Penney managers than anybody else in the country. He had his owntechniques and was a very successful manager. His secret was that he worked us from six-thirty in themorning until seven oreight o'clockat night. All of us wanted to become managers like him. On Sundays,when we weren't working, we would go out to his housethere were about eight of us, all menand wewould talk about retailing, of course, but we also played Ping-Pong or cards. It was a seven-day job. Iremember one Sunday Duncan Majors had just gotten his annual bonus check from Penney's and waswaving it around all over the place. It was for $65,000, which impressed the heck out of us boys. 鈥業t would be rather a good thing if you went into my mother鈥檚 room and had your cup of coffee there,鈥?Hugh said, 鈥榠t would show you paid no heed to her rude speeches.鈥?